Bay County Department of Water and Sewer
Bay County Department of Water and Sewer
Bay County Department of Water and Sewer
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The West Bay County Wastewater Treatment Plant is located on a 25-acre site at 3933 Patterson Rd. Bay City, Michigan. The plant was constructed in the late 70's and began receiving wastewater in 1980. The West Bay County Wastewater Treatment Plant serves Bangor Township, Monitor Township, Kawkawlin Township, Frankenlust Township, Williams Township and the City of Auburn. The average daily design flow is 10.28 gallons. The average flow for the past five years is 4.01 MGD.

Channel Monster

Originally the raw influent wastewater passed through the bar screen and comminutors. The comminutors were replaced with two Channel Monsters in 1998.

The treatment plant uses activated sludge for the secondary treatment process. An "eddy mix" jet aeration system is used to increase the oxygen transfer in the secondary treatment process.

Aeration Tank

An industrial-type plate and frame filter press was used to dewater the secondary and primary sludge. Electric powered incinerators were installed to incinerate the sludge. The ash was taken to the landfill. In 1993 and 1994 the plate frame filter press was removed and replaced with a belt press. The belt press is used if land application is not possible. The belt press sludge cake is transported to a landfill.

In 1984 liquid sludge began being land applied. The sludge is pH adjusted (pH of 12.0 or above for two hours) before land application. Presently, Synagro Midwest is contracted to land apply the sludge. Last year 4.3 million gallons (1,078 dry ton) of sludge was land applied.

Originally, liquid chlorine was added in the chlorine contact chamber as a liquid solution by using injectors. The injectors have been replaced with a vacuum gas feed system. Water Champs were installed at the influent end of the chlorine contact chamber. The Water Champ pumps create a vacuum that feeds chlorine gas to the chamber. Sodium Bisulfite is use to dechlorinate the effluent flow.

Contact Chamber Chlorinated

There are no plans for expansion at the wastewater treatment plant. However, the service area is growing with the addition of many new customers since the plant began receiving wastewater in 1980. Most of the growth is residential. Since the last permit, three pump stations have been put into service.

Filter Press


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