Water Treatment

The BAWTP has eight membrane skids in the plant that can filter raw water.  After going through a membrane skid, filtered water is dosed with Sodium Hypochlorite for disinfection, Hydrofluosilicic Acid (Fluoride) for dental protection, and Phosphoric Acid for corrosion control. It is then pumped to the 2 finished water tanks outside the plant.  From there, water is pumped out into the distribution system and into the water mains/water towers.

After a membrane skid has been filtering for a period of time, it goes into backwash.  Air and water are used during this process to flush and clean particulates from the membrane surfaces.  This backwash water is then sent through our two parallel plate clarifiers, where Aluminum Chlorohydrate is used as a coagulant to settle out particles in the water.  This ‘sludge’ is sent to our lagoons down the road.  The ‘clarified’ water gets recycled and is sent back to the head of the plant, where it is blended with incoming raw water.  In 2017, the clarifiers recycled and reused almost 100 million gallons of backwash waste water.  This saves us money by decreasing our sewer flows and charges.